Cheap Auto Insurance With Full Coverage

Getting cheap full coverage car insurance

It used to be that I had to pick between cheap insurance and good insurance. I could get by on the cheapest insurance I could find and cross all my fingers and toes every time I got into my car that I wouldn’t have an accident or scrape, etc. Auto Insurance that I only really had because it’s illegal not to have it.

One time, I hit another car as I was pulling out. I remember my whole body going cold. I was panicking like hell because my insurance covered pretty much nothing. Any damages would be coming out of my pocket. I parked up, left my car and assessed the damage. The other guys car was fine but mine had a large smash on the light. Not something that I could just leave; the light was pretty much hanging out. The other party calmed down once they realised that there car wasn’t damaged and we exchanged insurance details. Which was literally just a formality. I took my car to get it repaired and had to pretty much empty my bank account to pay for it. Not even counting the money I missed out due to not being able to work for the two weeks it was in the shop. It sucked.

Another time I had the best insurance money could buy. Everything was covered and my excesses were negligible. I could be in literally any kind of car related incident without having to pay a cent. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But of course, there’s a catch.

Every month I had to pay out big to stay insured. Whilst I wouldn’t have to pay anything after an accident, I was almost bankrupting myself on a monthly basis for the privilege. And as you can expect, I never had to claim once on this insurance. I had the best full coverage auto insurance I could get but I might as well had the cheapest, low coverage seeing as I never had to use it.

But recently I’ve changed auto insurance companies again. I’ve been with a few but this is the best of both worlds. It’s cheap. Not dirt cheap but cheap. Extremely reasonable. An amount that I’m happy to pay every month. But the coverage is also great. Full coverage with low excesses to make sure that I’m covered in any eventuality. I’ve been lucky enough to find a company where I can have my cake and eat. The best of both worlds. Oh I found the company here by the way:

Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit Saved My Vehicle

This year has dealt me some of the most unexpected surprises in life. I consider myself as quite the adventurous type and sometimes I take a few risks. This last risk caused me to lose a really big portion of my savings and I was forced to live paycheck to paycheck for a few months. In doing so, I fell behind on my car payments. I had every intention of catching it up with each anticipated check but the situation grew more difficult with each passing month.

I had to come up with a plan that could dig me out of this hole. I could do so by working a few hours of overtime each week. Although I made a decent amount of money, I was still behind on my insurance. The loan company contacted me to tell me that my insurance had lapsed and my vehicle was at risk of being repossessed. I needed to act quickly but I also needed money to reinstate my policy. I contacted my insurance company and when they quoted the amount it would take to reinstate my coverage, I almost fell over. There had to be a cheaper route and I needed to find it now.

I called around and no one was giving me rates that I could afford. To make matters worse, the down payment they were asking was atrocious. Finally, I called my buddy who has had his share of experiences with lapsed insurance coverages. Don’t ask why. Anyway, the end-result is that I needed to find cheap car insurance no deposit to save my vehicle. I called a few of the places my friend recommended and finally, I found an agency that offered a great monthly rate. In addition, I didn’t have to put any money down. This was exactly what I needed in order to gain control of my life and my car. I thought I would lose my car, my job and every other normalcy in life but that didn’t happen.

Believe it or not, there are several people who have similar issues as mine. Cheap car insurance no deposit makes a huge difference when trying to save money on car insurance. I have considered becoming an insurance salesman because I have several buddies that would keep me in business. I am elated that I found something to help me out of this bind and promised myself to never take unnecessary risk again.

I No Longer Have a Car Thanks To My Title Loan

So I don’t have a car any more. That sucks.

I took out a loan against my car from one of the title loans companies near me, and I couldn’t pay it back. So I had to wave ‘bye bye’ to Henry (that was the name of my car, and it’s a very good car name thank you, so no judgement).

Here are some of the things I hate the most about not having a car.

1. I have to catch the bus. If you know me in real life then you will be aware of how much I actually despise catching the bus. I hate absolutely everything about the bus.

  • It’s expensive.
  • It never comes on time.
  • The journey take 7 times longer because it stops everywhere.
  • All of the other passengers are awful.
  • Some of them smell bad.
  • All of them insist on having the window open even when there’s a blizzard happening outside.
  • Most of the drivers are rude.
  • A lot of them are terrible drivers.
  • There aren’t enough seats and I’m too young and able bodied to take up the seats that do exist for fear of looking disrespectful to those older than me.
  • The bus stop is too far away from my house and too far away from anywhere I want to go for me to avoid the outdoors.
  • I have to factor in an extra hour in journey time for absolutely any trip.
  • The bus that goes from my place always has the same man on it who yells bible verses at me continuously for the entire journey while I smile and look desperately around for someone to rescue me. No one ever does. They just look at me conspiratorially as though we’re sharing a joke. But they aren’t the ones being yelled at!

That’s it really. I just hate catching the bus. A lot.

When I get my car back one day soon I found a way to save a lot of money; it’s called price shopping! Lol. I always went with the first insurance company I talked to. Found out the best way to find who has the cheapest car insurance is using online comparison sites..