Cheap Auto Insurance With Full Coverage

Getting cheap full coverage car insurance

It used to be that I had to pick between cheap insurance and good insurance. I could get by on the cheapest insurance I could find and cross all my fingers and toes every time I got into my car that I wouldn’t have an accident or scrape, etc. Auto Insurance that I only really had because it’s illegal not to have it.

One time, I hit another car as I was pulling out. I remember my whole body going cold. I was panicking like hell because my insurance covered pretty much nothing. Any damages would be coming out of my pocket. I parked up, left my car and assessed the damage. The other guys car was fine but mine had a large smash on the light. Not something that I could just leave; the light was pretty much hanging out. The other party calmed down once they realised that there car wasn’t damaged and we exchanged insurance details. Which was literally just a formality. I took my car to get it repaired and had to pretty much empty my bank account to pay for it. Not even counting the money I missed out due to not being able to work for the two weeks it was in the shop. It sucked.

Another time I had the best insurance money could buy. Everything was covered and my excesses were negligible. I could be in literally any kind of car related incident without having to pay a cent. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But of course, there’s a catch.

Every month I had to pay out big to stay insured. Whilst I wouldn’t have to pay anything after an accident, I was almost bankrupting myself on a monthly basis for the privilege. And as you can expect, I never had to claim once on this insurance. I had the best full coverage auto insurance I could get but I might as well had the cheapest, low coverage seeing as I never had to use it.

But recently I’ve changed auto insurance companies again. I’ve been with a few but this is the best of both worlds. It’s cheap. Not dirt cheap but cheap. Extremely reasonable. An amount that I’m happy to pay every month. But the coverage is also great. Full coverage with low excesses to make sure that I’m covered in any eventuality. I’ve been lucky enough to find a company where I can have my cake and eat. The best of both worlds. Oh I found the company here by the way: