I No Longer Have a Car Thanks To My Title Loan

So I don’t have a car any more. That sucks.

I took out a loan against my car from one of the title loans companies near me, and I couldn’t pay it back. So I had to wave ‘bye bye’ to Henry (that was the name of my car, and it’s a very good car name thank you, so no judgement).

Here are some of the things I hate the most about not having a car.

1. I have to catch the bus. If you know me in real life then you will be aware of how much I actually despise catching the bus. I hate absolutely everything about the bus.

  • It’s expensive.
  • It never comes on time.
  • The journey take 7 times longer because it stops everywhere.
  • All of the other passengers are awful.
  • Some of them smell bad.
  • All of them insist on having the window open even when there’s a blizzard happening outside.
  • Most of the drivers are rude.
  • A lot of them are terrible drivers.
  • There aren’t enough seats and I’m too young and able bodied to take up the seats that do exist for fear of looking disrespectful to those older than me.
  • The bus stop is too far away from my house and too far away from anywhere I want to go for me to avoid the outdoors.
  • I have to factor in an extra hour in journey time for absolutely any trip.
  • The bus that goes from my place always has the same man on it who yells bible verses at me continuously for the entire journey while I smile and look desperately around for someone to rescue me. No one ever does. They just look at me conspiratorially as though we’re sharing a joke. But they aren’t the ones being yelled at!

That’s it really. I just hate catching the bus. A lot.

When I get my car back one day soon I found a way to save a lot of money; it’s called price shopping! Lol. I always went with the first insurance company I talked to. Found out the best way to find who has the cheapest car insurance is using online comparison sites..